Major Changes to EAT Organization

A new EAT board has been instated for this Year.

President: Crystal Pham
Vice President: Ivan Hernandez
Project Manager: Dominick Sermeno
Treasurer: Andrew Thai
Secretary: Bhavin Parmar
AESB Representative: Christine Leiterman

We have been working this Spring Semester setting up our organization. We have been working hard on setting up projects and speakers for next Semester. We also have a major project that will be worked on for the next year. Please be patient as more updates are sent.

Congratulations to the newly elected EAT Board!

Congratulations to the new EAT Board! Your new officers are:

  1. President: Michael Vartan
  2. Vice President: Adam Morris
  3. Project Manager: Dominick Sermeno
  4. Treasurer: Stephanie Gomez
  5. Secretary: Mary Kate Ham
  6. AESB Representative: Joe McCully

As you may have also noticed, we have purged our previous posts, and are starting the blog anew!